Stage 4: Communicating, presenting and evaluating

In this stage, students have the opportunity to create a showcase for the work they have been doing – to share their new knowledge and understanding with others.


The showcase could be a highly polished piece of work presented as the culmination of an extended period of research - such as a website, a report, a video documentary, or a radio programme that is shared and then saved as a resource for others to use in the future.


Or it may be that students present their emerging findings on a much more regular basis – through presentations, short reports, role-play and photographs. If this is the case then this stage is part of the whole cycle rather than something to be done at the end.


This stage of enquiry aims to make sure that students are able to find an audience for their work that extends beyond the school walls, and also to encourage them to reflect upon what they have achieved and to receive feedback from others on their achievements.


Some of the things teachers and students might do at this stage include:

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