Online workshop

A series of workshops were held in May 2008, aimed at teachers interested in implementing Enquiring Minds practices in their schools.

Outcomes from these events are available here, forming an ‘online workshop’ to support the other resources on this site.


There are three workshop sessions; for each there is a summary video (which you can watch online or download to share), and a PowerPoint presentation (in pdf format). NOTE: these files are all quite large so may take a few minutes to download.

1. Why try Enquiring Minds?

Context to 'why' and introduction to 'how', presented by John Morgan (Futurelab).

2. The enquiry cycle

How to organise enquiry-based learning, presented by Ben Williamson (Futurelab).

3. Case study

A teacher’s experience of Enquiring Minds, presented by Steve Moseley (Ashton Park School).

Other resources

Vox pops video

Workshop participants respond to the question: ‘Why are you interested in Enquiring Minds?’ See links on the right.

Teachers TV programme on Enquiring Minds

A report from Ashton Park School, observing three Enquiring Minds lessons (NB this is referred to in Steve Moseley's presentation above):