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Digital tools are an integral part of the Enquiring Minds approach. Here we provide some examples of the kinds of new technologies that we think may benefit learners and teachers. If you'd like to suggest a tool to add to this database, please e-mail details to

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10x10 more info on 10x10

Visual representation of current news stories more info on

Knowledge exchange where experts answer your questions


ARKive more info on ARKive

Digital archive of the world's biodiversity more info on

A search engine that uses question-based queries to search the internet


Audacity more info on Audacity

Free software for recording and editing audio


Basecamp more info on Basecamp

A set of tools to support collaboration on a project

BBC Blast

BBC Blast more info on BBC Blast

A website to inspire and showcase creative projects

Being Heard

Being Heard more info on Being Heard

A website encouraging young people to exercise their right to influence public decision-making


Blogger more info on Blogger

Free tool for creating web logs or blogs

Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor more info on Bridge Constructor

Physics-based simulation to create and test different bridge designs

British Film Institute

British Film Institute more info on British Film Institute

Website that suggests different ways of investigating citizenship issues through TV more info on

Online brainstorming tool


BubblePLY more info on BubblePLY

Tool for annotating video files


Campfire more info on Campfire

Web-based chat tool

Chew TV

Chew TV more info on Chew TV

Broadband television channel for young people


Clipmarks more info on Clipmarks

Tool to tag and collate information from anywhere on the web


Clusty more info on Clusty

Alternative search tool that highlights links between search results


Create-A-Scape more info on Create-A-Scape

Resource and software to create location-specific interactive tours and presentations

Creative Archive Licence Group - BFI

Creative Archive Licence Group - BFI more info on Creative Archive Licence Group - BFI

Resource with free video downloads

Creative Archive Licence Group - OU

Creative Archive Licence Group - OU more info on Creative Archive Licence Group - OU

Resource with free video downloads

DV in Education

DV in Education more info on DV in Education

Website with ideas and suggestions for using digital video in education


Elgg more info on Elgg

Open source platform to incorporate tools and showcase content


Exploratree more info on Exploratree

Website with free interactive thinking guides and tools to 'make your own'


Eyespot more info on Eyespot

Online media editing resource


Ficlets more info on Ficlets

Community website for collaborative writing


Flickr more info on Flickr

Photo sorting and sharing website

Global Ideas Bank

Global Ideas Bank more info on Global Ideas Bank

A website to which users can submit and vote on ideas for a brighter future

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Google Docs & Spreadsheets more info on Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Free web-based word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools

Google Earth

Google Earth more info on Google Earth

Tool for viewing, creating and sharing interactive and visual location-specific information

Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp more info on Google SketchUp

Free software tool for creating 3D models


Grupthink more info on Grupthink

Online space to explore open-ended questions with others

Guess the Flag

Guess the Flag more info on Guess the Flag

Online quiz about the world's flags


Horsesmouth more info on Horsesmouth

Website for informal e-mentoring


iCritique more info on iCritique

Web application for publishing and viewing digital video work on the internet

Image Quiz

Image Quiz more info on Image Quiz

Interactive image quiz

iPod in Education

iPod in Education more info on iPod in Education

Resource with ideas for using podcasts in education


KartOO more info on KartOO

Search engine with visual display interface more info on

Visual search engine

Making the News

Making the News more info on Making the News

Online resource to easily create newspaper articles (annual competition)

Microsoft Messenger

Microsoft Messenger more info on Microsoft Messenger

Desktop chat application for real-time communication


Mind42 more info on Mind42

Online mindmapping tool


Moovl more info on Moovl

Dynamic drawing tool to create 'doodles that move'

Movie Maker

Movie Maker more info on Movie Maker

Simple to use video editing tool


NUMU more info on NUMU

Online space for showcasing music


OmniGraffle more info on OmniGraffle

Diagramming and drawing tool for flowcharts, family trees, project processes etc


PBwiki more info on PBwiki

Tool for creating wikis

Persuasion Map

Persuasion Map more info on Persuasion Map

Frameworking tool that supports users to build up arguments

Photo Story 3

Photo Story 3 more info on Photo Story 3

Tool to create slideshows/photostories with special effects, soundtracks, titles and captions, and narration


PicFindr more info on PicFindr

Online resource to simplify finding of stock photography


Picnik more info on Picnik

Online image editing tool


Piczo more info on Piczo

Tool for creating personal websites


Pixsy more info on Pixsy

Search engine for images and videos


PledgeBank more info on PledgeBank

A website where users can make a pledge and campaign for others to join it online

Poetry Archive

Poetry Archive more info on Poetry Archive

Online resource with poems, audio recordings and biographies of living and past poets


Quintura more info on Quintura

Visual search engine


Radiowaves more info on Radiowaves

International network of online school radio stations


Retrievr more info on Retrievr

Search engine that uses sketches to find images

School Report

School Report more info on School Report

Website to support students to make their own TV or radio news programme


Sketchcast more info on Sketchcast

Tool for creating sketches and accompanying commentary


Skrbl more info on Skrbl

Web resource for collaboration - type notes, sketch ideas, share files


Skype more info on Skype

Web-based communication tool for voice, video or text


SlideShare more info on SlideShare

Online space for sharing presentations

Sodaconstructor and Sodarace

Sodaconstructor and Sodarace more info on Sodaconstructor and Sodarace

Creative tools for protoyping and competition


Splashr more info on Splashr

Presentation tool for Flickr images


Stats4schools more info on Stats4schools

Comprehensive web resource collating nearly 1,000 large statistical datasets


StumbleUpon more info on StumbleUpon

Alternative search interface based on previously-indicated interests


SurveyMonkey more info on SurveyMonkey

Online tool for creating custom surveys


Swivel more info on Swivel

Web resource for exploring and comparing a variety of data


TASC more info on TASC

Thinking skills framework to support independent learning


ToonDoo more info on ToonDoo

Online tool for creating short comic strips


Tumblr more info on Tumblr

Resource for gathering, sharing information


Ujiko more info on Ujiko

Search engine with visual results interface - sorting sites according to their common topics


uLearn more info on uLearn

Web tool for analysing maps


Vanilla more info on Vanilla

Online multi-lingual discussion forum


VideoEgg more info on VideoEgg

Tool for publishing digital video.

Visual statistics (Gapminder World)

Visual statistics (Gapminder World) more info on Visual statistics (Gapminder World)

Resource that makes data more accessible through visual interfaces

Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus more info on Visual Thesaurus

Interactive and visual dictionary and thesaurus

We Feel Fine

We Feel Fine more info on We Feel Fine

Visualisation project that presents people's feelings based on their blog entries


Wikipedia more info on Wikipedia

An online encyclopaedia which anyone can edit


Wikispaces more info on Wikispaces

A visual web editor for easy wiki creation


Zamzar more info on Zamzar

Tool for converting file types


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