Reports and papers

This page provides links to reports and papers written by researchers working on the project.

Year 4 report: Innovative approaches to curriculum reform

This report synthesises some of the main research findings emerging from the Enquiring Minds project with a series of case studies from schools that have been involved in attempts to change their curriculum. Throughout, the report focuses on what it might mean to change the curriculum selection criteria, and explains the consequences of doing so in case study schools. (Oct 09)

Year 3 report: Schools, knowledge and educational change

This report presents the findings and conclusions of the Enquiring Minds project to date, and it builds on earlier documents such as the Enquiring Minds guide, to which this report should be read as a companion. (Oct 08)

Year 2 research report

An analysis of activities that have taken place in two schools during the project to date, focusing on the achievements and challenges which have emerged, and quoting from interviews with students and teachers. (Nov 07)

Position papers

A series of short papers based on work in progress on Enquiring Minds, drawing from current research to articulate and situate the project in relation to the political language and academic analysis of education today.

Project update: January 2007

An update on what teachers and children did in the classroom during the first two terms of the school year, September–December 2006. (Jan 07)

Young people as researchers on Enquiring Minds

A report on the process of working with young people in the role of researchers from schools participating in Enquiring Minds. (Jul 06)

Context and rationale

This paper outlines some of the literature that has informed the early thinking of the project, and seeks to place it within some broader economic, cultural, theoretical and policy contexts. (Jan 06)