Stage 4: Communicating, presenting and evaluating


A list of suggested activities for this stage of enquiry can be found in the 'try it' section.

Digital tools

Use the online digital tools database in the 'try it' section to search for tools by cost, stage of enquiry, and keywords.

Initiatives, programmes and competitions

The following table lists initiatives and competitions that may provide an external audience for young people’s enquiry projects. Alternatively there are many regular initiatives and competitions for schools to get involved in that might provide a good stage or goal for enquiry projects. Here are some examples:

Initiatives, programmes and competitions
Initiative Description
Eco Schools
International group of schools working towards education for sustainable development and a better quality of life for local and global communities.
F1 in Schools Challenge
F1 in Schools Challenge is a competition, open to all UK-based secondary schools, colleges and (organised) youth groups, to design and manufacture CO2 powered model Formula One cars. Student teams compete against each other in a national championship to determine the fastest and best engineered car in the UK.
BBC Blast
Blast inspires and supports 13-19 year-olds to get creative. It helps develop skills to turn ideas for art, dance, film, music, writing and games into a reality. Work can be uploaded to the online showcase.
Radiowaves is a unique international network of online school radio stations created specifically for young people. It gives schools and students a voice on a safe educational platform.
DepicT! seeks to uncover emerging filmmaking talent which evidences originality, imagination and the ability to engage the audience in a mere 90 seconds or less. The annual competition is open to short films of all production techniques, including animation, documentary, drama, experimental or art film and hybrid work.
BBC School News Report
BBC News School Report gives 12-13 year-olds from UK schools the chance to make their own TV, radio or online news at school and to broadcast it via the internet.
Global Ideas Bank
Global Ideas Bank is a website to which anyone can their own ideas for a brighter future, which other visitors can then vote on.
Pledge Bank
Pledge Bank allows users to make a pledge and to campaign for others to join it online.

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