This guide to Enquiring Minds is the result of research and development work with teachers in two schools since July 2005. We would like to acknowledge and thank the headteachers, Chris Gardner at Ashton Park Community School in Bristol and Graham Silverthorne at Gordano School in Portishead, for their commitment to the project. Thanks also to the teachers who have participated in the development of Enquiring Minds. They are: Graham Allott, Michael Basnett, Tony Lansdowne, Jessica Meyer, Steve Moseley, Andrea Bird, Ross Martland, Peter Morris, Vicky Munday, and Paul Welch.

These teachers have devoted considerable time helping to develop the Enquiring Minds project. They have welcomed us into their lessons as observers, and they have contributed to developing the project’s vision in practice. We have also spoken to lots of students from both of the participating schools, allowing us a glimpse into school life from their perspectives, as well as providing us with their views about Enquiring Minds. This guide is informed by our work with these people. It goes without saying that we are fully responsible for its contents; we hope we have done justice to their hard work.

The project is funded by Microsoft’s Partners in Learning programme; our thanks to the team there for their support for the project.

Our colleagues at Futurelab have provided invaluable advice, feedback and constructive criticism throughout.