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Press releases

Students should be both seen and heard

14 October 2008
Findings from the first three years of Enquiring Minds reveal that students working in partnership with their teachers and playing a part in designing their own curriculum are more confident, engaged and positive about school.

Big ideas from Enquiring Minds

19 November 2007
Imagine children working in partnership with their teachers to decide their own curriculum and how they will be taught: a radical new vision of learning now available to all schools can make this a reality.

New curriculum based on personalised learning is to be introduced

18 July 2006
An innovative curriculum, designed to explore the principles of personalised learning, will be trialled in two Bristol secondary schools from September 2006.

New research programme aims to change the way children learn

28 June 2005
Futurelab and Microsoft Ltd today announced detailed plans for their three-year Enquiring Minds research programme, which will investigate how children can be effective in shaping their own learning.

Online coverage

November 2007

29/11/07 - SecEd - Enquiring Minds guide and Year 2 report
23/11/07 - TES - 'Grange Hill' creator calls for curriculum rethink
12/11/07 - Teachers TV - 15-minute programme about Enquiring Minds in action (Ashton Park School)

August 2006

04/08/06 - - Enquiring Minds curriculum

May 2006

26/05/06 - BBC web article - personalised education

January 2006

28/01/06 - Experience Designer Network - draft Enquiring Minds model

July 2005

05/07/05 - DigitalMediaEurope - Enquiring Minds launch

June 2005

30/06/05 - - Enquiring Minds launch
27/06/05 - eGov monitor - Enquiring Minds launch

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